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Keys to Power Up Your Life and Business so You Can Be More Present with Your Family, Release Mom Guilt and Get Your Energy Back!
  • Asti Atkinson
Asti is an author, speaker, wellness educator, business coach, full-time mom and successful business owner (serial mompreneur!) She has spoken at numerous health and fitness events in the US and abroad, and has taught essential business basics to many women starting their entrepreneur journey.

THIS year, in addition to dealing with the impact of the pandemic and social distancing, Asti went through a difficult divorce, moved to a new city and dealt with a temporary illness … and through it all she was able to step back from her business to take time for self-care and to ensure her children felt supported through their transition – BECAUSE she had set up systems for passive income and support.

Asti has a passion for championing Moms to earn what they’re really worth (without feeling like they have to sacrifice it all to have it all), to experience time freedom to be with the ones they love, location freedom to work from anywhere, and financial freedom so they can live in true abundance, give back as they desire, and enjoy ever-expanding opportunities.


I started my business so I could spend more time with my kids, on my terms…

…Instead I’m working more and spending less time with my kids…and still not making money.

Stop spending time on the things that don’t matter…

You’re a mom…

You’re a business owner...

You’re insanely busy…

(And I bet, you’re holding it all together for everyone else. Even if that means you don’t get what you need)…

This summit is for you, mama…

You want experiences, not stuff or fluff…which is why I created this interview series with you in mind.
We’re going deep into what you need, and we’re leaving out the fluff.

Because if we can make memories on this summit, you’ll have bigger transformation, bigger ah-has, and more motivation and inspiration for your next steps.

Because you’re worthy…

You’ve always been worthy – you don’t even have to ask or tell me…
… I know this is what you need.

It’s time for true freedom.

True freedom is living the life you love. Period.

This is an unprecedented event with 21 of the most successful  business trainers and entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges of women in business,  offering you insights, challenges &  advice to help you power-up your future without sacrificing your family - delivered straight to your inbox  with a full 24-hours to watch each day as it's convenient, 100% FREE!
Uplevel Mindset
For lasting change, this is what needs to truly shift inside. Leading Experts share their best tips and secrets to help you develop a mindset to match your vision.
Improve Health
Moms get up early and stay up late to keep all the plates spinning. Learn what you can do to protect your energy, focus and well-being. Because if mama isn’t happy or feeling well….
Love Your Relationships
The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life! Learn parenting tips, how to re-ignite the spark with your partner, and much more!
Power Up Your Business
Get advice from experts Who Understand Unique Challenges to Women in Business and Who know how to thrive in an ever-Changing Market To create Security and success. 


  • Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark, Digital Disruptor
Tips & Strategies to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections
CEO and Founder of Influence Builder, Danielle has 12 years of intimate knowledge of the online space, and all it’s inner workings. Danielle has been able to crack the code when it comes to building a strong foundational business that is scalable beyond 6-figures.
  • Mark Ramsey, Speaker & Life Coach
Live Your Best Life By Design
Mark Ramsey has coached thousands of people to grow themselves into a life they design. Using transformational coaching along with business and financial strategies Mark helps people of diverse backgrounds to create a future path that serves themselves and those around them at a higher level. Together with his wife they run their coaching business as well as a high-producing real estate team. 
  • Dr. RJ Jackson, Certified Life Coach for Teens &Award-Winning Orthodontist
Successfully Parenting & Communicating with Your Teen
Dr. RJ has a mission to help teens create “smiles on the inside” as well as “smiles on the outside.” He is an author of #1 Bestselling Book: How to Train Your Superhero, his podcast A Teen’s Perspective is rated in the top 25 of parenting podcasts, and he has created an environment within his Life Coaching and Personal Development program for teens where they fall in love with personal development.
  • Brenda St. Louis, Financial Therapist & Certified Money Coach
Understanding and Redefining Your Relationship with Money so You Can Break Through Blocks and Embrace Abundance in Your Life
Brenda has been a speaker, coach and financial therapist for 28 years. She helps her clients identify and process their predominant relationship style(s) with money so they can ultimately experience Confidence, Peace and Joy.
  • Amanda Dake, Business Coach and Course Creation Expert
Enjoying the Journey, Evolving and Anchoring in Your Core Message
Business coach and trainer specializing in online courses, funnels and marketing.
  • Hope Zvara, Business, Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching
Understand and Overcome Procrastination
Yoga and lifestyle expert, motivational speaker, Founder & CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga. Hope has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo News, Yahoo Style, Medium, Disrupt Magazine and California Herold. She was recognized as one of the top women in trucking in 2019.
  • Jim Padilla, Founder of Gain the Edge
Position Yourself for Success with Partners, Not Just Sales
Jim Padilla is Founder of Gain the Edge, a strategic sales system which is the secret weapon of choice for many industry experts, anchoring over $100 Million in sales for the likes of Josh Turner, Justin Livingston, Lisa Sasevich and Bill Baren.

  • Kelly Barbera, Founder of Strength Sisters, Strength Coach
Strength Training Tips to Stay Fit and Feel Energized
Believer, wife, mommy of 3, Founder of Strength Sisters, Certified Trainer,  Certified Weight Loss and Management Specialist, 1st Place NPC Bikini Competitor
  • Yolanda Lily, Lead Health Coach - Strength Sisters
Strength Training & Nutrition Tips to Stay Fit and Feel Energized
Believer, wife, mom of 2, Certified Specialist in Weight Loss and Behavioral Change, 3rd Place NPC Bikini Competitor
  • Cyndi Olin, Relationship Coach, Founder Create Your Own Luck in Love
How to Find the Partner of Your Dreams
After college, Cyndi became educated on facilitating Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus philosophies and facilitating workshops to help women develop a deeper understanding of men so they could create fulfilling relationships. As a former high end matchmaker, Cyndi has coached and worked with hundreds of people (women and men), to find their happily ever after.

  • Beverly Walthour, CEO of BCW Business Ventures, LLC
The 5P Strategy to Convert Leads into Paying Clients
Beverly Walthour is an award-winning Multi-6-figure Business Strategist, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Consultant, and the CEO of BCW Business Ventures, LLC. She is also a TV and Radio Show Host in Atlanta, GA. She was the 1st African American woman with her own Business Radio Morning Show. Her shows are seen and heard across the globe.

  • Heather Pearce Campbell, Founder of Pearce Law PLLC
5 Pillars of Healthy and Strategic Legal Protection for Entrepreneurs
Heather Pearce Campbell is a warrior mama, nature lover, and dedicated attorney and legal coach for world-changing entrepreneurs. Based in Seattle, she is mom to two little, wild munchkins, and founder of Pearce Law PLLC, home to her legal practice. She is also the creator of The Legal Website Warrior®, an online business that provides legal education and support to information entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers & authors) around the U.S. and the world.
  •  Chip Cooper, Attorney
Protect Your Website and Yourself from Liability
Chip Cooper is a top-rated, full-time internet attorney who works with entrepreneurs to achieve FTC Compliance for their websites and online marketing & advertising. He is co-founder and CEO of FTC Guardian, has authored 3 books on FTC Compliance and online advertising, and has appeared on TV and other important stages with relevant information for entrepreneurs who have, or who are seeking, an online presence.
  • James Gustason, Professional Hypnotist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach
Harness the Power of Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals
Over the last decade James has helped thousands of individuals change their lives using nutrition and life coaching. In the last 4 years he trained as a Professional Hypnotist and Certified Life Coach to help his clients create Limitless Transformation (lasting change).
  • Cheryl Sutherland, Transformational Speaker, Business Strategist, Founder of PleaseNotes
Grow Your Greatness with Gratitude
With a playful, energetic style, Cheryl has been able to grace the stage and work with different companies to spread the message of mindset growth and human potential. She has worked with companies such as Wonder Women Tech, WeWork, The Women’s Leadership Intensive, Freshbooks, Badassery Magazine, the Durham District School Board and more.

  • Carrie Saks, Certified Professional Coach, Expert Wordsmith, Founder of Creatively Ignite
Create a Compelling Home & About Page for Your Website
Carrie Saks is a Creative Messaging Strategist and Corporate Content Writer who brings ideas to life and writes copy that converts. She has written copy for entrepreneurs such as Lisa Nichols and created sales training and support for Intuit. She specializes in capturing brand voice.
  • Amy Schadt, Owner of Amy Schadt Coaching
How to Get Unstuck & Claim Your Power
Amy is a women's empowerment coach, and provides one-on-one and group coaching to help women gain confidence and clarity to live their best life. She has hosted and produced 2 summits, including The Unstoppable YOU Livestream.
  • Emily Webb, Certified Yoga, Gravity Yoga, and Krav Maga Instructor
Reduce Stress with Simple Stretches and Techniques That Can Be Utilized Throughout the Work Day
Emily is a certified instructor of Yoga, Gravity Yoga, and Krav Maga (self-defense and street fighting). She is in process of receiving a Holistic Health Coaching certification. In addition, she has taught Tango and Fusion dance across North America since 2011 and holds a BS in Equine Science (with a concentration in teaching and training). She has done in depth study with international teachers and companies such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, and Peak Potentials Training.
  • Odille Remmert, Co-Founder of The Remmert Method
The 2-Minute Brain Exercise That Will Improve Your Finances
Odille is an international mindset coach, speaker, author, and co-founder of The Remmert Method. Specializing in emotions and the subconscious, Odille's passion is helping individuals to step into their authentic power by gaining control of their physiology and changing their belief system.
  • Nikeya Young, Author, Master Life Coach, Speaker, Entertainer.
The Recipe for Living a Victorious Life
A former educator with a Master's Degree in Special Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Nikeya combines her gifts and talents, practical work experience, and spiritual gift of teaching to empower others to live VICTORIOUSLY! She is especially passionate about empowering women & helping them discover their identity and God-given purpose.
  • Marisa Landman, Owner of Mother Your Mindset Coaching, Creator of Mother Your Mindset Podcast
How to Avoid Sacrifice, Burnout and Overwhelm, Tap into the Support You Need, and Create a Life of Clarity and Ease
Marisa was a successful management consultant for Fortune 500 companies, thinking she had it all ... but experienced burnout at age 32. This was a catalyst to her journey into personal development and discovery, and now she coaches and makes a difference for working moms by providing them with more clarity and focus, helping them on their journey to success and wellbeing.
  • Raquel Walters, CEO & Millennial Income Strategist of Le'Ura, INC.
Turn Your Skills into Multiple Streams of Income, Find Balance and Achieve a Fulfilling Life
Raquel is a 2X bestselling author and income strategist who embraces a 'side-gig economy.' She helps professionals identify and market their knowledge and skillset to create multiple income streams. She has been featured on The Connect Show South Florida, and has been interviewed by Susie Moore (advice columnist for Oprah Magazine), Stichiz and Tracy Campoli.
  • Jennifer Jakobsen, Life Coach for Mompreneurs, Owner Jennifer Jakobsen Life Coaching
Reasons a Growth Mindset Will Serve You as a Mompreneur, and 3 Tips to Make it Happen
Jennifer Jakobsen is a certified life and mindset coach for mom entrepreneurs and a Master’s Level Mental Health Therapist. She helps mompreneurs who struggle with guilt, overwhelm, and a lack of balance to find success in business and life while having fun in the process.  Jennifer's passion is to take mom entrepreneurs from the place of feeling doubtful of themselves and overwhelmed, to feeling calm, balanced and peaceful in their lives. 
  • Carolyn Jones, Professional Health & Life Coach, Owner of Coaching with Carolyn
Ready to Live Without Limits? Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Body and Your Life.
Carolyn Jones specializes in holistic wellness management. She is certified in both life and health coaching through the ICF Accredited Program at Health Coach Institute. She has a background of food and nutrition with a BS in Dietetics and an AAS in Culinary Arts. With her coaching, she focuses on the mind-body connection to help alleviate stress with all its associated symptoms.
  • Maria Lunt, Owner Maria Lunt Coaching
Reconnect with Your Partner and Get the Spark Back
As a certified Business, Wellness and Relationship coach, Maria specializes in empowering women with confidence and impactful communication to help them be successful in business and relationships. 
  • Conchetta Jones, President/Owner of Confident Woman - She's All That!
Master a Guilt-Free No So You Can Say Yes to a Life You Love
Conchetta is a Certified Personal Development and Confidence coach. She loves motivating and inspiring women and girls to follow their dreams and to live unafraid and unapologetically. Conchetta has a Masters Degree in Communication and Training from Governors State University. She loves writing and is the author of five books and co-author of two. She is also a guest blogger for Shazzy Fitness and Women of Wisdom magazine online magazines.

  • Andrea Krohn, Founder/Owner LA Move Consultants, Professional Organizer
From Clutter and Chaos to Clarity and Calm
Andrea has been helping people organize, de-clutter, and move their homes and small offices for over a decade. Andrea has a certificate in Life Transitions, is a Certified Virtual Organizer, and was voted Best Professional Organizer in Manhattan Beach 2 years in a row. She has the NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) Seal of Approval.
  • Allyn Cutts, Marketing and Reputation Management Expert
Get Better Online Reviews for Your Product or Service
Allyn Cutts has spent over 24 years helping businesses find new customers and increase sales to current customers. Allyn is a marketing and sales fanatic, providing measurable marketing solutions that drive huge results for small-to mid-size business clients. Allyn runs and operates the premier online marketing and reputation management agency Cutts Group.
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